“Our chief want in life is somebody
who will help us do what we can.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson


Stefanie who?

Stefanie Me!

Hi, I’m Stefanie Booker Atchison, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transformational Life and Resiliency Coach, Professional Facilitator and Reiki Master Teacher and a Motivational Speaker. Whew! I do all of the because my life’s purpose is not merely to guide you to your heart’s desire but also to show you that you can source the your best self visions from within and how to transform those visions into realities – in every area of your lives.

I connect you to accessible tools and practices that help you open your perspectives about who you think you are – and co-create a new path with you. You discover YOU, and align with a more loving light-filled, authentic and purpose-driven life.

Using love-enriching exercises, hypnosis and guided imagery, for individuals and groups, I introduce clients to the transforming energy of mindfulness, the deep cleansing breath of life, the joy in fulfillment and the simple beauty of a good hug.   I also designs workshops, conferences and retreats.

I will share with you skills I have learned and developed. I meet you where you are, and helps you grow from there.

Are you ready to change your life for the better? We can schedule a session where I can show you how to bring deeper intention into your life.

Let’s meet via telephone, in person or online (Skype or Zoom).



 Home for me and my practice is just outside of Ellicott City Maryland. I regularly schedule classes and workshops in the Baltimore metropolitan area on Meditation and Mindfulness, how to losing limiting beliefs and how to let your inner badassery guide your heart. 




















Hi there! I see you found my disclaimer explainer.  Thought you should know I include all parts of me in my writing. Sometimes I talk about mediation, other times maybe it’s about sexuality or sex.  I might curse or share a prayer I wrote. Hell, sometimes what comes out of my mouth even surprises me. If cursing like a sailor or talking about an omnipotent, omnipresent Being is something you are not into, then I am not the one for you.  Some of the names I use to describe the guiding Light in my life are The Force, Mother of All, Love, God, Goddess, Spirit, SkyMama, BFF, Divine Source, The All, SkyDaddy, Allah, Jehovah, Beloved, Love, The Universe, Energy, Jesus’ Daddy.  And that’s the short list. I don’t think I have to write my favorite curse words for you, do I?  Good. No harm, no foul. There are plenty of differing viewpoints. We all want and need to connect to others that believe as we do. Please, keep looking for the one that fits you. I hope you find it(them).
Peace, Blessings & Joy!


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