Don’t Dream It’s Over


I was on some kind of a day trip to the ocean. All I had with me was my pocketbook. Nothing more than ID, my phone and a little money – and the knowing that it was everything I owned. I have always loved the ocean, its boundless energy and forever splendor. It must have been sightseeing trip. Anyway, that’s what it felt like in my dream.

The sun was just beginning to set. The sky was a mixture of bluish purples, oranges and reddish yellows; it was glorious. I was seated comfortably; my purse was on the seat next to me for safety reasons.

Still, there was more than enough light to see the sea creatures in the water beneath us. I could tell Mother Nature was about to put on a show. I made sure my bag was zipped shut.

We traveled slowly while attendants served hor d’oeuvres, cocktails and champagne.

We were riding high, almost hovering. The boat was a technological marvel: an open ship, wide, flat and long, gliding above the ocean with a clear bubble covered us. Why couldn’t we keep anything in our laps? BTW, I talk to myself a lot, even in my dreams.

The vistas were fantastic. The air felt like it was warmed by the low hanging sun. Everyone was amazed by the majesty of everything above and below. We hit a bump and I looked at my bag.

Oh look! Dolphins doing flips! I should take a picture. Nah, I’d hate it if my phone fell into the water.

It felt like we’re floating, riding the waves… let me just check, make sure my handbag is secure.

Why is that dude leaning over my seat? The views were breathtaking, once in a lifetime scenes of the beauty of the open sea. Yep, he’s too close to my purse.

I had a sense that we were traveling to the ends of the ea…did my bag move?

Why did they make me let go of my purse? Oh yeah, because we were asked to focus on the scene around us and just be.

If I’m not careful, my bag could fall into the ocean.   Nice, a pod of whales together. How often do you see that?

No, I don’t want no damn champagne. I don’t care if it’s free. I know you didn’t just drip something onto my purse!?!

C’mon girl, take a pause. There will always be people around you telling when to be afraid, why to be afraid or that you’re not afraid enough. Can you, for just a moment, concentrate on the joy, forget the fear? You can go back to being afraid after the trip.

Okay, deep breath in, let it go…wow. Oh wow, that sunset really takes your breath away. So beautiful.  What is that a school of fish? It is really peaceful out here.  I feel at one with… “Thank you for choose us to share this one of a kind, unforgettable trip with us. Please be careful as you disembark.”

What? That’s it? It’s over? I literally had the end of the world in my sights and all I could care about was that damn bag falling into the water.

I look upward and said to aloud, ‘I hear You. I get it. No more stuck on stupid’, as the magical shuttle came to a halt. I stood up to disembark, simultaneously collecting my belongings. The bag slipped from my grasp, bounced from the floor as I watched it disappear into the water.

I casted a good side-eye up and said “Really? You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me”.

A light parted the sky. “Don’t look at me,” the booming voice mused, “You added that last part”.

Immediately, I woke up, pissed.  Even now as I am writing this, days later, I can feel still my pisstivity. Getting hit over the head in your own damn dream can be a bit humbling.

I know we use our dreams to tell ourselves information we think is important. When a friend or a client asks me what I thought their dreams could have meant, I only answer what it meant to me.

If this was my dream, and it is, it means I wanted to make sure I got the message that there will always be someone or something that might be there to steal my joy.

That all I have is not all I am.

That it is okay to be cautious, just realistic too.

That if I focus on the maybe, I will definitely miss the Joy that is waiting right in front of me to be seen.

I got the message, loud & and clear.


Now where did I leave my damn purse?

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