100 Days, 100 Ways

There is a lot of buzz these days about self-care. It’s been a personal pursuit for decades and my professional work for the last few years. I’m always upfront that Self-Care is Self-Love and it’s very necessary. But I meet a lot of folks that are unsure or limit what self-care could look like.

Yes, it’s definitely wonderful to build in down time for yourself. Taking time to meditate, journal, sip your coffee on a quiet deck before the kids get up or even book in a massage to help you unwind is a great start.

And yet it’s not just the downtime; it’s letting myself know that I am treating this vessel(my body), this mind and this spirit like the precious gifts they are.

I’m not hating on meditation and bubble baths. I’m suggesting it can also be spending time with people you KNOW love you and see you as you are. Maybe it’s giving voice to self-expression through drumming, dancing, written word or anything that makes your soul smile. It could be being authentic with what you say and do, every day, so your heart doesn’t feel abandoned. Or it could be living a life in the manner more incongruent to your healthiest beliefs. Mostly, self-care is giving yourself time to process, grow, recharge and connect with an open heart and mind.

ERRYBODY has a blind spot; a place that needs your attention and focus even when you’re killin it other areas of your life. Case in point – even though I’ve given myself a space to take that journey inward, I neglected my body. Don’t get me wrong; I love the skin I’m in, every curve, every hair – okay, mebbe not every gray hair.

And yet I could do more. It’s 100 days until the New Year. Between now and then, I’m going to build some physically healthier choices into my life. And I’m going to video and post daily on my social media pages.

I’m sure, all of this is going to bring some dark spots, some revealing thoughts, misbeliefs and feelings that need exposing to the Light. I ain’t scared…Okay, I’m a little scared; I’d be crazy not to be. Trying something new and opening up how you feel about all of it in real-time is downright frightening. But for real for real, not being here with the people I love for years and years scares me more.

I’m ready to give me the care I deserves on a regular basis, to allow me to show up healthier and whole, to be there for others, to give myself compassion as I move through it all, living a life of joy, authenticity and integrity – inside and out. And that’s that best damn self-care I know.

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